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"What to Expect When You're Expecting"

Title: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”
Author: Trinity
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kiva
Universe: King’s Gambit AU
Pairing: Taiga/Wataru
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mpreg, and incest (but if you read my BroYay fics, you figure that’s a given)
Spoilers: Kiva 48
Summary: Wataru learns about a disturbing part of male Fangire anatomy…

Kurenai Wataru stared at the white object in shock, trying very hard to ignore Taiga’s excited expression. “This is not possible, Nii-san.” He murmured. “This… it’s wrong…”

“It’s not wrong, Wataru.” Nobori Taiga was glowing with pride. “I’ve sensed it. I know that this going to be hard for you to accept, but it’s true.”

“Nii-san, this test says I’m pregnant! That’s not possible! I’m MALE!”

“Didn’t you know, Wataru?” Taiga laughed. “Male Fangire can become pregnant as well. It’s what makes us better than humans. All of us get to pitch and help us survive. Oh, I can’t wait! I’ll bet we’ll have a son and he’ll be so handsome. He’s the grandson of a Queen after all…”

Wataru was by now was so confused he had to sit down and then, he gave Taiga a look. “But, Nii-san…I… I… WHERE YOU EVER GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT THIS?!”

“Eventually…” Taiga’s voice trailed off.

“Nii-SAN, WHEN?” Wataru cried.

“…When you actually became pregnant….” A pause. “Or when I did.”

All the color was draining from Wataru’s face. He thanked whatever God would listen that Mio was dead. “But… I’m not… this is…. this is too much!”

“Don’t worry, darling.” Taiga put his hand over Wataru’s stomach, hoping their son could sense the presence of his other father. “I’ll be here with you every step. I’ll have our doctors look at you and everything. Oh, isn’t this exciting? We’re going to be fathers!”

Wataru just stared at his lover as though he’d grown an extra head. His mind was still trying to wrap around the part that he was pregnant. “How… how long?”

“Luckily for us, our gestation period is much shorter than female humans and female Fangire. You’ll only be pregnant for six months. Human Fangire can be pregnant for up to two years because we grow slowly in the womb and human women are only pregnant for 9 months.” Taiga was bursting with pride and happiness. “Our little prince will grow so fast. Oh, I can’t wait… I bet you’ll be beautiful as your body changes… I wonder what our son will look like.”

As Taiga went on and on, Wataru’s hands suddenly drifted to his stomach and focused. Suddenly, he felt something… and heard something…

Hi, Dad.

Wataru was shocked. He could sense their child already…and their child could sense him back. As the color came back, he smiled. This felt… magical.

The one thing no one could have prepared Wataru for was just how fast the baby grew and how much his body would change to accommodate it. And this baby grew FAST.

During the third month, Wataru was showing and Taiga simply couldn’t keep his hands off. This didn’t bother Wataru too much as he was so horny that if he didn’t get laid he’d burst half the time and when he wasn’t that he was either hormonal/moody or hungry. He felt weird all over, but it was a good weird. He couldn’t complain too much. Every now and then, he would pick up the Bloody Rose and play for his growing child and Taiga would listen in, smiling and happy. They were going to make the perfect little family.

In the fourth month, there was another ultrasound and Taiga’s doctor announced they were indeed having a son.

Taiga was over the moon and although Wataru was hoping for a girl, seeing their baby move and kick inside of him made him happier than ever. And them when they could hear his heart beating, Wataru had to sigh. It had finally hit him. They were really having a baby.

After the ultrasound, they got a surprise set of visitors: Kivat the Second, Kivat the Third… and Kivat the Fourth.

“Kivat the fourth?” Wataru asked.

“Of course!” Kivat the second replied. “Since you’re having a son, we have to have SOMEONE to pass along the Kiva powers to. So, this is my grandson Kivat the Fourth. He’ll belong to your son when he’s born.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Wataru-sama.” Kiva the Fourth had a slightly higher voice, but he seemed to be overjoyed. “Let’s get along like you and Dad did.”

“How do you feel, Wataru?” Kiva the Third asked.

“Weird.” It was true. Wataru’s body felt weird all over. He was still coping with the idea of a living being growing inside of his body… a brand new little life. “I’m still getting used to this, but only two more months… and I’ll have a son of my own.”

“Have you thought about what you’re going to name him?” Tatsulot asked. “I think you should name him something cool! Like Vivaldi!”

“I think…” Kivat the Second had to told his tongue. “…you should name him for your father, Otoya.”

Wataru’s hand caressed the bulge in his stomach with one hand, his gaze loving and voice soft. “I wanted to name him something different… Masao. Kurenai… Masao.” There was a kick, indicating that Masao had heard his father.

“Not to be cliché, but byun, byun, Wataru, you’re glowing!” Tatsulot was enthused. “You look so happy!”

“I feel happy.” Wataru murmured. “I’m… I’m having a baby!”

“And you look fat.” Kivat the Third muttered.

“I am not fat! This is baby!” Wataru snapped.

“Here come the hormones.” Kivat the Second muttered.

“Don’t call me fat, Kivat!” Wataru rubbed his stomach. A pause. “I’m… this feels strange and new, but… this is my son. My son is inside me. I hear his music and it’s beautiful.” He had to force himself to get up. “I just… can’t wait to meet him.”

“Me too.” Taiga came in and slid behind his love, his glove coming off and his bare hand pressing against Wataru’s stomach. The King symbol flashes briefly and Masao stirs a bit more in his father’s stomach. “I bet he’ll be so handsome, like us. I wonder if he’ll grow up to be King, like me…” Taiga kissed Wataru’s cheek and neck and gave his belly a rub. “You’re so beautiful right now… you practically glow.”

“You know, you’re the second person to say that….”

In the fifth month, any hope of Wataru keeping this a secret from Megumi and Nago was blown out the window when Megumi dropped by unannounced.

Megumi’s jaw dropped. “Wataru! What happened to you?”

Wataru’s face turned bright red. “Megumi-san… You kind of have to promise not to tell…”

“You look pregnant!’ Megumi shrieked.

“He IS pregnant.” Taiga was practically beaming. “Wataru is having my child. We’re going to have a son, Kurenai Masao.”

“How is that even POSSIBLE!?”

“I’ve been wondering that myself for the past few months…” Wataru murmured.

One morning, in the sixth month, Taiga was awoken by screaming, which meant that Wataru was finally ready. He was excited, and scared, but he put his fears aside for the sake of his baby brother, who was about to give birth.

Masao’s shrill cry pierced the small hospital room as he was delivered through Wataru’s stomach and Taiga’s heart swelled. As their son was cleaned off and presented, Taiga gave Wataru a deep kiss.

“You did so well, my little Stradavari.” He murmured. “Masao… he’s beautiful.”

Wataru just moaned. His body ached, but he was relieved. After a moment, and some gulps of air, he got out “I want to see him… Masao…”

A nurse gave them a small dark blue bundle and she bowed to Taiga and murmured how much of an honor it had been to deliver the King’s son before leaving.

Inside the bundle was their beautiful son.

“Hello, Masao…” Wataru murmured, his eyes warm and loving. “It’s nice to meet you… again.”

“He’s so handsome.” Taiga murmured. “He’s perfect… and he’s ours.”

Wataru kissed his son’s forehead and then kissed Taiga again, happy that, in his own way, he finally had a family again.

Tags: alternate universe, kamen rider kiva, king's gambit, taiga/wataru, what to expect when you're expecting

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